Labellum is a contemporary flower boutique in Bozeman, MT by the way of New York, Paris and Los Angeles. Our style is hip, modern and organic. We love mixing natural elements and incorporating rich textures into our work. With artistry and imagination, each arrangement tells a story and is as unique as our clients. We are inspired by the ever changing seasons with all of their natural textures.


Impact is everything and our foot print matters to us. We work with gardeners and farmers in our area during the warmer months in Montana to combine as many vibrant local flowers as possible into our designs. We also grow many flowers on our own and whenever possible we love foraging respectfully and ethically in the forest or along the river beds for awesome drift wood, rocks, and anything that has a fun textures and shapes. We have recently become beekeepers and added two bee hives to our little ever changing urban "farm". Our hope is to help with pollinating our neighborhood,  increasing bee populations and of course produce a delicious organic wildflower honey. 

wedding & Events

We customize all of our designs and would love to hear from you regarding your future wedding or event. Making everything tailored to match the special vision you have is our specialty. We are creative, patient and have a knack at understanding what is visually in your mind and make it come to life with flowers. 

We believe in local

It's all about making a conscious choice. You should be able to know the origins of the flowers you order to send to a loved one. You should be assured that the bouquet you carry down the aisle was grown by an American flower farmer. You should know that jobs are being created and nurtured in your community. We are proud to be a supporter of Slow Flowers who are committed to using American grown flowers.


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